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Updated June 7, 2015

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Knife World

Sharpening Equipment
Knife Sharpening Services
Knife Makers and Sellers

Knife Sharpening Equipment and Information (also see suppliers.htm)

Ace Sharpening and Company - Sharpening Machines, Wheels and Information
Blades Of War - How to Sharpen Your Pocket Knife
Bob Engnath Memorial - formerly Blades 'N' Stuff Good source of knife making information
Bronks Knifeworks - Knifemaker and EdgePro dealer
Chef'sChoice mfg. site  - Diamond Hone Knife Sharpeners
Chef'sChoice Knife Sharpener Retail - The Internet's Kitchen Store
www.cliffstamp.com/knives/ - Cliff Stamp's Sharpness and edge holding test results.
Dan's Whetstone Company- All grades of Arkansas whetstones
Discount Knives - wide selection and good prices
DMT - Diamonds are a Sharpener's Best Friend
Edge Holding Ability - (AUS-8, VG-10, D2, and CPM-10V)
EdgeCraft  (Chef'sChoice)
EdgePro - Hobby and Professional rod guided sharpeners for knives and scissors
Eze-lap Diamond Products
Eze Sharp Pty Ltd  - BladeSharpener rod guided system
F. Dick - Professional knife sharpening equipment from a major German maker.
Flitz - Premium cleaning and polishing compounds
GATCO - Rod-guided and other sharpeners
Hand American - Leather, Scary Sharp and other sharpening and honing products
Hewlett Manufacturing - the original inventors of diamond coating
Jantz Supply - Knife making Supplies
Japan Woodworker - full range of fine woodworking tools
JewelStick - Diamond coated "steel" and other sharpeners
K&G Finishing - knife and gun finishing supplies in Lakeside, AZ
Klawhorn - Premium Tungsten Carbide Slot Device
Knife and Gun - Knife making Supplies
KnifeArt.com- Fine Custom Knives and Sharpening Equipment
Knife Outlet - Quality Cutlery, Good Prices
Knife Sheaths - and Scissor Pouches from Safety Products - Email
Knives Plus - A high quality pre-prepared strop
Knife maker Videos - from a custom knifemaker
Koval Knives - No longer in business, now owned by Jantz Supply
55 Experts Share Knife Sharpening Tips

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