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Updated August 29, 2016

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Knife Sharpening Equipment and Information (also see suppliers.htm)

Ace Sharpening and Company - Sharpening Machines, Wheels and Information
Blades Of War - How to Sharpen Your Pocket Knife
Bob Engnath Memorial - formerly Blades 'N' Stuff Good source of knife making information
Bronks Knifeworks - Knifemaker and EdgePro dealer
Chef'sChoice mfg. site  - Diamond Hone Knife Sharpeners
Chef'sChoice Knife Sharpener Retail - The Internet's Kitchen Store - Cliff Stamp's Sharpness and edge holding test results.
Dan's Whetstone Company - All grades of Arkansas whetstones
Discount Knives - wide selection and good prices
DMT - Diamonds are a Sharpener's Best Friend
Edge Holding Ability - (AUS-8, VG-10, D2, and CPM-10V)
EdgeCraft  (Chef'sChoice)
EdgePro - Hobby and Professional rod guided sharpeners for knives and scissors
Eze-lap Diamond Products
Eze Sharp Pty Ltd  - BladeSharpener rod guided system
F. Dick - Professional knife sharpening equipment from a major German maker.
Flitz - Premium cleaning and polishing compounds
GATCO - Rod-guided and other sharpeners
Hand American - Leather, Scary Sharp and other sharpening and honing products
Hewlett Manufacturing - the original inventors of diamond coating
Jantz Supply - Knife making Supplies
Japan Woodworker - full range of fine woodworking tools
JewelStick - Diamond coated "steel" and other sharpeners
K&G Finishing - knife and gun finishing supplies in Lakeside, AZ
Klawhorn - Premium Tungsten Carbide Slot Device
Knife and Gun - Knife making Supplies - Fine Custom Knives and Sharpening Equipment
Knife Outlet - Quality Cutlery, Good Prices
Knife Sheaths - and Scissor Pouches from Safety Products - Email
Knives Plus - A high quality pre-prepared strop
Knife maker Videos - from a custom knife maker
Koval Knives - No longer in business, now owned by Jantz Supply
55 Experts Share Knife Sharpening Tips
Lansky Sharpeners - rod-guided system and other sharpeners
Lee Valley - a woodworker's site with many sharpening products
Leo's Messerscharfseite in German
Meyerco - home of the Sharpen-It
McGowan Mfg. Company - Maker of the FireStone electric and manual diamond sharpeners
Nipper Sharpening Machine - Clipper Shack
Paper Wheels
Perfect Edge Cutlery maker of the perfect edge sharpening tower
Pro Knife Sharpeners - easy to use sharpeners for the professional or novice.
Razor Edge Systems
Razor Sharp Edgemaking System - paper wheel systems
Reliable Knife - Honest and accurate opinions of the best knives currently on the market.
Rust Erasers
Safety Products - Knife Sleeves and Scissor Pouches - Email
Scissor and Shear Sharpening Equipment
Shapton Stones - setting a new standard in Japanese Waterstones
Sharpening Made Easy - Steve's Knife Sharpening Site
Sharpening Supplies - a sharpener for every need.
Sharpness Tester - an affordable sharpness tester
Sharpness Tester - a computerized US made sharpness tester
Sharpness testers used by industry, check out
Sharpening Wheels - paper sharpening wheels
SKARB - A unique rod-guided sharpening system
Spyderco, Inc. - Tri-angle SharpMaker ceramic rod system and ceramic stones
Steve's Knife Sharpening Site - Information on knife sharpening and maintenance.
Steel - Info on steels used in Japanese Knives
Surgi-Sharp - Leather belts and wheels for stropping
Tormek Sharpener - water cooled sharpening and honing system
THORVIE INTERNATIONAL - Saw and Tool Sharpening Equipment
Tru Hone Corporation
Twice As Sharp - scissor and shear sharpener
Ultimate Edge - A diamond "steel" sharpener
Viel Tools - low cost sharpeners from Canada, 1-800-915-2601
Wolff Industries - scissor and shear sharpening equipment.
World Knives - Specializes in better imported knives
Woodcraft - lots of sharpening equipment

  Knife Makers and Sellers
For a list of Automatic knife makers and dealers, go to

Aceros de Hispania - Artisan knives made in Spain.
Keller and Keller - Argentinean knife maker. EL ARTE DE AFILAR
A.G. Russell Knives - The oldest mail order knife company in the USA.
*AJH* Custom Knives and Services - Custom Hand Made Knives and Knife Repairs.
ALFI - Knives and Kitchen Cutlery
Best Wood Carving Tools - Reviews of carving knives, etc.
Boye Knives - Dendritic Cobalt Knives
Bronks Knifeworks
Buck Knives - Leading makers of knives, blades and multi-purpose tools.
Bullman Cutlery
Center Cross Metal Works - Gene Osborn, knifemaker - the internet's best source for high quality cutlery products.
Cutler's Cove
Cutlery and More - The Internet Kitchen Store
Dark Matter Knives Discount Cutlery - wide selection and good prices 
Discount Knives Online
- Knives 50-80% off retail!
eKnives - high end custom and production knives
Equipped to Survive - The Outdoors and Survival Gear Web Site
Don Fogg knives
Gerber Blades - Mfg of Knives, Tools, and Lighting. - E-Source dedicated to Gerber Multitools, knives, camping and hiking gear.
German Knife Shop - An online knife shop located in Germany, selling to USA
Harner Knives - On The Edge
Japanese Cutlery - high grade Japanese kitchen knives
Kershaw Knives - Manufacturers site
The Kershaw Store
- a Kershaw retailer - Kershaw Knives, multi-tools and other Kershaw equipment
Kirk Rexroat -  ABS Mastersmith
Kitchen Niche
- Offers Victorinox Steak Knives, Paring Knives, Chef Knives in Canada
- Fine Custom Knives
Knife Country USA
Knife Outlet
- Great Cutlery, Great Prices
Knives Plus
- Over 80 brand of knives
Kramer Knives
- Custom kitchen knives - German knife links
Laguiole - French Handcrafted Cutlery
Mac Knife - "World's Sharpest Knives" is their claim
Miami Nice Knives
-  Fine Custom Knives See Them at my Website
Nichols Custom Knives
Richard J's Knives
- single bevel skinners, etc.
Quick Knife - Right Knife, right price -  Cutlery for any Occasion
Stout Handmade Knives
Tadafusa America - fine Japanese cutlery and culinary items.
US Knife
World Knives -  Quality knives from all over the world
L. T. Wright
- Handcrafted Knives

 Forums and Discussion Groups
Blade Forums KnifeForum - Custom Knife Discussion
Knife Rating - Info on many knives.
Sharpening Made Easy
- Discuss Sharpening Made Easy with the author and other readers
How To Sharpen - Yahoo Group
- Yahoo Group
SharpNet - Yahoo group for professional sharpeners
Tormek Community Forums
Tormekusers Group
  Independent forum


The Automatic Knife Resource Newsletter
El Cajon
- The El Cajon Project helps at-risk high school students through a culinary arts program
- Web Knife Directory
Knife World
- publisher of books and Knife World
- gourmet peppercorns and handcrafted pepper mills
Outdoors Magazine
- A free on-line magazine
Steve's Knife Site - information on knife sharpening and maintenance.< dt>
Spyderco's Steel Chart

Western Reserve Cutlery Association An interview with yours truly.

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