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Sharpening Services

Sharpening Services
Those with a * also do mail order sharpening. 

*Accurate Sharpening and Cutlery Sales - Hand sharpening on EdgePro - Tempe, AZ
*Ambrosi Cutlery - Mahopac, NY
Art Sale - Port Elgin, ON Canada
Better Edge - Louisville, KY
*Bronks Knifeworks - Bothell, WA
BuddyBlades - Orlando, FL
*California Cutlery - Albany, CA serving the SF Bay Area
*Carisolo, Inc - Spring Green, WI
*The Critical Edge - SF Bay Area, CA
*Cutlery Corner - Orem, UT
Cutting Edge - New Buffalo, MI
*D & R Sharpening Services - mobile service out of Philadelphia
Gary's Knife Sharpening - Los Angeles CA
Handle Repair
Handle Repair II - St, Louis, MO
*Holley Manufacturing - Lakeville, CT (Manhattan service available)
*Japanese Knife - mail order service for Japanese knives
*The Knife Guy - Galena, OH
Knife Outlet - Lakeville, IN
Knives Plus - Amarillo, TX
*Korin - NYC
*Kramer Knives - Olympia, WA
My Sharpener - Lisle, IL
National Mobile Sharpening Service - Kihei, HI
*Never A Dull Moment Knife Sharpening Service - Altoona, PA
*Nice and Sharp - North Brunswick, NJ
Perfect Edge Cutlery - San Mateo, CA
Pocket Knife Repair, most brands - Tom Abbott, Bradford, PA  814-362-1590
*Precision Knife Sharpening - Alexandria, VA
*Razor Edge Systems - Ely, MN
Rod's Sharpening Service - Reston, VA
*Seattle Knife Sharpening - Seattle. WA
*Sharpen-All - Springfield, OH
*The Sharpening Guy - Grand Rapids, MI
* - Mail Order Service For Kitchen Knives
SharpeningTech - Sacramento, CA (Spanish speaking)
Superior Sharpening Services, LLC - Bluffton, SC
Tim Love - Edwards, MO
Ward Collins - Waipahu, HI
Warren Cutlery - Rhinebeck, NY  A woodworking store, but they sharpen cutlery
Waugaman's Sharpening - Erie, PA
ZB Sharpening Service - Hillsborough, NJ

NOTE: Some on this list are salon shear sharpeners and do not sharpen kitchen knives

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