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We are now offering the next best thing to sharpening school, our Video plus our book Sharpening Made Easy and all the printed material from our classes.  Student Discounts worth up to $280


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Do you want to revive this dying art or just improve your own sharpening skills?  Are you thinking of starting a knife or scissor sharpening business?  You can earn up to $100 an hour.  Whatever your motivation, consider our Sharpening School in a Box.  you will  learn how to sharpen knives, scissors and other home and garden tools on a variety of professional sharpening equipment.   you will  learn what equipment is right for you before you invest. 

We cover the following equipment:

TORMEK Wet grinder for knife, scissor and tool sharpening

PAPER SHARPENING WHEELS - To hone and strop knives

F. DICK RS-150 Two stage commercial knife sharpener

Spyderco SHARPMAKER Manual knife sharpener

Wolff TWICE-AS-SHARP Scissor sharpening machine

Viel Tools BELT SANDER for knife repairs, garden tools, axes and other convex edges.

And of course there are a variety of other smaller sharpeners and tools that we can use and talk about.

You will learn to sharpen:

Knives, including repairing tips, reducing bolsters and correcting blade shape

Serrated Knives

Household and dressmaking scissors

Industrial and Upholsterers shears

Pinking shears

Garden tools

You will also learn how salon shears, nail nippers and clipper blades are different from the above and why they require different machinery and training.

Your customers can include:

Chefs and home cooks


Cooking Schools

Fabric Shops

Upholstery Shops

Quilt Makers

Tailors and Dressmakers

Alteration shops and Dry cleaners



Places where you can set up for more customers include:

Farmers Markets

Grocery Stores

Culinary Stores

Senior Centers

Church and other community kitchens

and many others.

See detailed course description at

Why we are different

Other sharpening schools charge up to $1000 a day and only teach you how to use the equipment they make. Some even sell a complete franchise package for $50,000 to $80,000.  My approach is different.  First, I cover a wide variety of commercially available equipment so you can choose what meets your needs and budget. Second, instruction is a one-on-one and tailored to you or your group.  Third, my price is reasonable.  Finally, I focus on knives, household and dressmaker scissors, and garden tools.  I do not get into salon shears, clipper blades, power tools, saws, etc. 

  EQUIPMENT we sell:

Steve Bottorff,South Euclid, OH (Cleveland area), steve at bottorff dot com, 216-650-2034

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