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Sharpening Made Easy

PaperWheels.com is part of Sharpening Made Easy

You should read this book before you buy this or any other sharpening system.
A copy is available for only $9.95 including shipping when you purchase a set of paper sharpening wheels, see below.
paper wheels

Razor Sharp Edgemaking
paper wheel system for knife sharpening.
Sale: $63.95 plus shipping (Suggested Retail $74.00)
Paper Wheels Put a Polished Razor Sharp Edge on any Knife...
And it Takes Only Minutes!
These are the best paper wheels on the market, bar none.
Some are cheaper, none are better.
Trueness and balance guaranteed.
Read the testimonials below.

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The Razor Sharp Edgemaking System consists of two compressed paper wheels that fit on a standard bench grinder or buffer.  The sharpening or gritted wheel is coated with silicon carbide grit and is used to develop a burr or wire-edge. Conditioning wax (included) is applied to the gritted wheel to lubricate and cool the blade. The stropping wheel is uncoated and is used with the included rouge to remove burrs and polish or strop the edge. Slots cut in this wheel increase the air flow to help cool the blade.  The gritted sharpening wheel will sharpen a couple hundred knives before it needs re-coating. Enough additional grit is provided with the kit to re-coat the grit wheel 10 to 12 times. Razor Sharp Edgemaking wheels are full 3/4 in. wide, trued and balanced. The product we call rouge for short is actually a white polishing compound for stainless steel that we have found to excel at burr removal. The high density paper we use assures well balanced wheels and the correct surface for grit or polishing compound.

Shaper Wheels are 1/4" wide plain wheels that can be shaped to fit small edges like gut hooks and knife serrations. They can then be gritted for sharpening or used with rouge for stropping.  See Parts below to order.

Complete instructions are included in each kit.  See my additional recommendations on using and re-gritting paper wheels HERE.

Wheels are available in 6", 8" and 10" diameters. All have a 5/8 arbor hole with a 1/2 insert so you can use either size shaft.  If you're using a 6" bench grinder or buffer you want the 8" Deluxe Kit 8X75X625KWB. This gives you enough clearance between the edge of the wheel and the motor to accommodate the knife and your fingers. The 8" kit is also available in a 1" width 8X1X625KWB.  

If a grinder is used the guards are removed to accommodate larger wheels.  A buffer is preferred because there is no need to remove and discard guards and grinding wheels. Using larger wheels gives enough clearance to allow long knives to pass over the grinder body when sharpening. The grinder or buffer speed should be 3000 rpm min; either a 3500 rpm model or an adjustable at its highest speed. If you wish to use a 1750 rpm buffer then the wax on the gritted wheel needs to be softer than our standard wax.  See Low Temp Wax in the condiments section below.

Click here for a list of other kits and prices.

The 6" Deluxe kit 6X75X625KWB works best on a belt-driven mandrel. The 10" kit comes in either 1" width 10X1X625KWB or 1 1/4" width 10X125X625KWB.  We recommend using these kits on an 8" grinder or buffer. The 10" x 1" kit is also available with a 3/4" arbor 10X1X750KWB for those who want to use a buffing machine with a larger shaft.  Email me to order.  These are special order and take a few days longer.

While the paper wheels are sold as a complete system, I recommend their use after using a wet grinder or a belt sander to grind the initial bevels on a knife.  This takes advantage of the strong points of both systems, speeds up the sharpening, and extends the life of the abrasive paper wheel.

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OUR MOST POPULAR SYSTEM, the 8" Deluxe kit  8X75X625KWB  is $73.95 including shipping within the USA. ($63.95 plus $10 S&H) Ohio residents will be charged 7.75% sales tax.  Add $2.50 additional shipping for Canada or Mexico.  Check below for the 6" or 10" kits or the 1" wide kits.  These are shipped from the factory in California and take a few days longer.

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In Canada or Mexico  8" Deluxe kit  8X75X625KWB  $63.95 + $12.50 shipping(Canada and Mexico). Add
          to Cart

BONUS: Sharpening Made Easy book $9.95 with any purchase. Add to Cart

Need a second, third or fourth set? Each set is $63.95, shipping is $10 for the first set and $4 for each additional set.  Contact me about ordering 5 or more sets.
2 sets of 8" Deluxe kits  $141.90 (USA only).    Add
          to Cart

3 sets of 8" Deluxe kits  $209.85 (USA only).   Add
          to Cart

4 sets of 8" Deluxe kits  $277.80 (USA only).   Add
          to Cart

Contact me by email or phone about ordering 5 or more sets.

paper wheel angle

This photo illustrates how to hold a knife horizontally while contacting the wheel about 20 degrees from the top to achieve a 20 degree bevel.  Keeping the blade horizontal, move the blade up the wheel for a smaller, sharper edge and down the wheel for a stronger edge.  Note the direction of rotation. More details on use at paperinst.htm

No, I do not normally sharpen with one hand, but I had the camera in my other hand.  I would normally be standing to the left in front of the grinder with the knife handle in my right hand and fingers of my left hand on the blade.  Reverse for the other side.   You can see why you want to a grinder or buffer 2" smaller than the wheels for hand clearance over the motor.  I really like using a 6" buffer.  See bottom of this page for the buffer we use.  Slim motor and long shafts give you plenty of finger room, easily reversed, no guards or wheels to remove and throw away.  Just nearly perfect.

CAUTION: Safety glasses and other protective equipment should always be worn when using any high-speed sharpening equipment.
Other paper wheel kits available, contact me for details  Shipped anywhere in the USA  Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery
Model #6X75X625KWB, (6"X3/4", 5/8" hole, 1/2" bushing) $67.00 Add to Cart
Model #8x50x625KWB, for reverse curved blades (8"x1/2" 2 wheels, 5/8" hole bushed to 1/2")  $67.50 Add to Cart
Model #8X1X625KWB, (8"X1", 5/8" hole, 1/2" bushing) $85.00 Add to Cart
Model #8X125X625KWB, (8"X1 1/4", 5/8" hole, 1/2" bushing) $96.00 Add to Cart

Model #10X1Kit, (10"X1", select arbor style below), $99.00

Model #10x125Kit (10"X1 1/4", select arbor style below), $120.00

All above kits include a gritted wheel and a slotted wheel, plus the complete condiment package

Shaper wheel package, Four 1/4"x8" plain shaper wheels, no grit or slots, 1/2" arbor hole, plus the complete condiment package  $67.50
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Paper sharpening wheel parts and supplies

Grit   3-OZG $9.00
Wax  1-WAX  $9.00
Rouge  1-RGE  $9.00

Above 3 items (complete condiment package)  3GRPK  $25.00 Add to Cart

Wax, low temp for 1750 buffer/grinder  1-LoWax  $9.00 Add to Cart
Jackson Lea C5 Stainless Steel polishing compound, equivalent to 12 to 14 pieces BRK-Rouge  $40 Add to Cart

Single Wheels

8"x3/4" wheel, plain, gritted or slotted   $30.00

8"x1" wheel, plain, gritted or slotted   $32.00

8"x1 1/4" wheel, plain, gritted or slotted   $34.00

10"x1" wheel, plain, gritted or slotted   $46.00


10"x1 1/4" wheel, plain, gritted or slotted   $50.00


8" x 1/4" shaper wheels, 1/2" bore, no bushing   $24 Add to Cart
8" x 1/2" shaper wheels, 1/2" bore, no bushing   $25 Add to Cart

NOTES: $9.50 per order shipping for up to 3 items, $19 for 4 or more items
All 8" wheels except shapers come with a 5/8" arbor hole with a removable 1/2" bushing
Specify 5/8" or 3/4" arbor for 10" wheels. 10"x1 1/4" wheel comes with 3/4 arbor hole.
10" wheels and shaper wheels are made to order.  Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

The product we call Rouge for short is actually a white polishing compound for stainless steel that we have found to excel at burr removal.
The high density paper we use assures well balanced wheels and the correct surface for grit or polishing compound.

Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards by phone or mail.
To pay by check or money order please contact me by e-mail.
Please contact me by e-mail.
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"I have recommended this product to several friends, it works better than I could have ever imagined!"George

"I recently purchased a set of paper wheels and just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was. I have purchased other types of knife sharpeners and was a little apprehensive about the paper wheels. I used a Lansky for years but it always took too much time. I actually switched to replaceable blades because I didn’t have time to keep my edge in the condition I liked. Then I used a Chef’s Choice 120 but it didn’t fit my needs. Most recently, I used a Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener which I liked but it was a little awkward. It also didn’t produce the results I got with the paper wheels. 1st knife came off shaving sharp and I haven’t used anything else since. I even called the neighbor and asked him to bring over his knives. I’ve made the switch, thanks for a great product." Brad

"Got it 8/18. Tried it same night, awesome!! Works great and is relatively easy to learn. Good directions.
I sharpened all my knives in about 1/2 hr. Great product, well worth the money." Adam

"Wow! What an amazing combination! I have re-sharpened all the knives I have, and can only state that, with these wheels, and your instructions,I have gotten the most incredible results!! Amazing! Thank you so much for making this information so readily available. I have much yet to learn, and am forging ahead on this, but, your site has made this effort much easier to pursue.  It is my aim to learn a new skill that will support me in the years ahead. Your site has not only led me to this,  but, to a greater knowledge of knives. This, in turn, has lead me to a new passion. I can't thank you enough!!" David R in MO

"The wheels were waiting on me when I got home today.  So far I've sharpened the kitchen knives, a couple of knives for a buddy, a couple *really* dull "hunting" knives, and also a nice edge on my EDC knife.  Total time for them all might have been 20-25 minutes of actual sharpening time. 
These things are amazing.  Razor sharp edge on everything after just a few passes.  Pretty sure I'll never use anything besides this for sharpening again.
My wife is extremely pleased with how well they worked on her kitchen knives, and I've sharpened up every knife I have to a razor's edge.  For what it's worth, it's somewhat anti-climatic when you get to the last one of 15 or so knives in under an hour's work and all you can do is look around and there's nothing else to sharpen.
 It's almost too easy, but all the time I can save sharpening like this puts me way ahead of the game."  Rob

I have been using and selling paper wheels for over 10 years and I have never seen any with the quality of your wheels.  Give me two sets."  Bob, knife store owner.

"Just a word to let you know the wheels arrived today, well packaged I might add. I have spent the better half of the day practicing with them and I am very pleased to tell you they have exceeded all my expectations, the edge I am achieving is nothing short of scary. I have no hair left on my left hand from testing the sharpness of my knives."  Justin F. in the UK

"I received the paper wheels and I am very happy with my purchase.  Thanks for a wonderful product.  I've never had this kind of success sharpening a knife." Jack

"I played with the paper wheels and I am very happy with them. They do put a nice edge on a knife and it was amazingly fast, there is no learning curve. Just read the directions, put them on grinder and that's it.  You can quote me on that."  Bob "The Fat Chef" (never trust a skinny chef)

"Just wanted to let you know I received your product today.  Real nice little kit for the money. I bought it because although I've been able to get my knives to shaving sharp with a diamond stone,  the finish with it leaves a lot to be desired.  So primarily, I bought the paper wheel set to polish my edges.  HOWEVER, with a sharp and polished blade, boy oh boy it takes noticeably less force to shave with!! And that was only on my first try."  Scott

"...by far the easiest and best knife sharpener I've found so far."  Pete

"I am able to get a razor edge with the Tormek and paper wheels in a fraction of the time the Lansky took.  I am very pleased with the equipment."  Stu

"The kit came today. Wow, that system really works! I'll have to redefine sharp in my shop.  In your advertising you may want to point out how well it works on micro tools. I was having fits with the really small ones."  Dan

"I just bought a set of paper sharpening wheels from XXX. When I got them the center (arbor) hole was ragged and an extremely poor fit.  It was very ragged and looked like a cave man did it with a dinosaur bone. I had a hell of a time getting the bushing in and had to use my press to get it in straight.  When I put it on my Wilton grinder/buffer it looked like a circus clown's bicycle wheel. It was out of round and had a bad wobble.  I see from the pictures on your site the arbor hole looks to be clean and looks if it is done with the proper tooling.  Is your bushing to adapt it to a smaller 1/2" shaft a press fit? Your wheels look to be professionally made
with something other than a jig saw and a box cutter from Bubba's garage. I want a system that will run true and do the job.  XXX got to me and I am a little apprehensive. Your system is about twice the price, but I believe you get what you pay for." Ron 

"Just wanted to say thank you for shipping the paper wheels to the UK, I got them a few days ago and they are even better than I expected."  Thanks very much, Nick

RECOMMENDED BUFFER:   This is the buffer we use in our shop.

buffer  $69.99 plus $9.50 shipping in 48 states. Add to Cart

Use button below to add $5 extra shipping for HI or AK.
Add to Cart

Wheels Not Running True? Our paper wheels are machined true at the factory but sometimes there is a problem getting them to run true on inexpensive grinders and buffers.  This is primarily due to the cheap stamped flanges supplied.  There are several remedys:

First and fastest, try rotating the wheels 1/8 turn at a time to see if you can find a better position.

If that fails you need to shim the flange.  Call Geiger Solutions 352-472-5035 and order their Run Out Test Discs and Shims. Cost is about $6 and it will include instructions to make your wheels run absolutely true.

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