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Sharpness Test Equipment


Intended for professional and other serious sharpeners, the PT50 incorporates all the features of the KT20 plus it's faster and more accurate. The PT50 is equipped with a much faster processor so it's sampling speed is ten times faster than the KT20. Faster sampling means more data and higher resolutions. The PT50 resolution is 5 grams so that means you get 400 sharpness levels over the span of the BESS scale (0 -2000).

The PT50 is powered by two AA batteries (included)  but has provision for a AC/DC power source (not included). The PT50 display is back-lit when in SHARP CHECK mode. The PT50 package includes everything you need to start taking accurate edge measurements and if you anticipate taking a lot of measurements or have a need for greater precision ...the PT50 is your instrument.

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