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Learn a skill your father should have taught you.

Sharpen Knives, Scissors and Garden Tools for your pleasure or as a business.

Good Cooks Deserve Sharp Knives

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The DVD also includes a set of notes from our sharpening school, and a copy of our How to Start Your Own Knife Sharpening Business booklet. 

Sharpening School Video

Sharpening Made Easy Book

Sharpening Made Easy is no longer in print.  Used copies can be found on eBay or Amazon.

The website content below was an early draft of the book. It is the closest thing to an ebook that we can offer at this time.

Website Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction, Sharpness Testing, Knife Sharpening Equipment; Stones, Guides and Rod-Guided Systems; Recommended Books on Knife Sharpening

  • Chapter 2 - Knife Sharpening Equipment continued; Crock Sticks. Slot Gadgets, Electric Sharpening Machines for home use

  • Chapter 3 - The Knife Sharpening Process: How to Sharpen a Knife. Common Mistakes, Conventional and Multi-bevel Methods, Honing, Using Oil or Water

  • Chapter 4 - Advanced Stuff - Knife Steels, Knife Sharpening Theory, Stropping, Using Steels, Electric Machines, Sharpening Ceramic Knives Tables: Mohs Hardness Scale, Abrasive Grit Comparison, Suppliers

  • Chapter 5 - Miscellaneous Stuff - Professional Knife Sharpening machines, Miscellaneous Sharpening Information

  • Chapters 1, 2 and 3 were printed in the June and July 1999 issues of Knife World as A PRIMER ON KNIFE SHARPENING.
  • Check out my information page for 100+ more pages on knife sharpening


I am retired from knife sharpening, except for Friends and Family, who know how to reach me.

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