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NEW 11/15 EdgePal now makes a sliding pivot called The Rail that allows longer knives to be sharpened with the exact angle for the full length.
The Rail

EdgePal Chef

EdgePal Chef

After years of making some interesting hand-held rod-guided systems, Thomas Lofvenmark has developed a more substantial model, the Chef.  With a claimed accuracy of 0.01 degree, it is an angle fanatic's dream machine.  Similar to an EdgePro in use, it has several differences.  You supply the stones - it will take up to 6" DMT stones for example.  And the blade is held in place with magnets to eliminate any rocking.  Website is https://www.edgepal.com  Follow his instructions to look at the picture of the knife with the red handle.  It can cut multi-bevels at only 0.01 degrees apart!
0.1 deg bevels

Lofvenmark EdgePal, KnifePal and AxePal

Edge Pal is the multi-tool of sharpeners.  It does everything and fits in your pocket.  The assortment of clamps and rods can be assembled like an Erector set into dozens of configurations to sharpen anything from a razor blade to a machete.  It can even be set up to do file work on the spine of a knife!  (You supply the files.)  The EdgePal comes in an attractive wooden box and includes a fitted leather pouch.  The abrasive selection is limited to a single double sided hone, approx. 1" x 3", medium diamond on one side and fine ceramic on the other.  The system is full of the kind of clever innovations we expect from the Swedes (ever drive a Saab?), for example the magnetic clamp (AxePal) for sharpening an ax. The curved rod can be used to create true convex edges. This is definitely a toy for grown men, and a very useful one.   www.edgepal.com

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Updated July 2, 2018

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