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Cleveland Knife Sharpeners Guild

Giving NEO Cooks an Edge Since 2002

Garth Proctor Lakewood 216-262-3168

Mike Meder Mentor 440-942-4329

Bob's Sharpening & Grinding Mentor (440) 255-3343

Bryon Banks Chardon (440) 477-3976

The Cleveland Knife Sharpeners Guild is an association of independent sharpeners who  provide professional knife and scissor sharpening services in and near Cleveland OH.  We focus on careful low-speed sharpening that respects your good knives.  Our emphasis is on quality rather than quantity.  We cooperate on promotion and share referrals.  Contact a member that serves your area. 

A proper knife sharpening service should not only be able to provide a new edge but to correct any issues with blade shape, including broken tips, high bolsters and swale or "rainbow" that prevent the edge from reaching the cutting board. Do not hesitate to ask your sharpener if s/he can do these things.

Any system where you only hold the knife by the handle leaves the bolster high and contributes to the swale issue. That includes pull through machines that hardware and culinary stores use. Use a professional sharpener from time to time and learn to keep the edge touched up between sharpenings with a ceramic steel or ceramic pull through, which take off much less metal than a conventional steel. Tungsten carbide pull through sharpeners damage knives and are to be avoided.

The sharpeners listed above were trained by Sharpening Made Easy and use methods and equipment approved by us. Our method, slow wet grinding followed by precision honing, places First in slicing ability in a recent national competition, cutting the test sample with less that half the force of a new knife.

Other area sharpeners, who may use different methods, include:

Len Ginther  Kent, OH  330-677-0560

Kevin Noon  Northfield  216-704-9175

Jeff Wise  Stow  330-554-5821

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