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Mini Sharpeners

  We look at three mini sharpeners this week - Gerber's 9841 Pocket Clip Diamond Knife Sharpener, Buck's 1325 Diamond Sharpener and Kershaw's Ultra-Tek Blade Sharpener Model 2535.

Kershaw 2535
The Kershaw 2536 is a mini oval "steel" that stores inside its 3/4 in. diameter aluminum handle.  Coated with 600 grit diamond, it is a handy way to touch up an edge for those who prefer a steel, but it is too small for any serious knife sharpening.  I am going to recommend it to the vegetable harvesters, who need a pocket sized device to remove the burr after using our portable sharpeners in the field.

Buck 1325

The Buck 1325 is a tapered diamond hone with a fishhook groove.  It self stores in a plastic handle.  The taper makes it useful for any size serration.  Grit is fine, maybe 600 grit.  It is a decent substitute for the by-gone Zip-Zap, but not much other use.

The Gerber 9841 is even smaller, hiding its diamond rod inside a ballpoint pen sized tube.  The 1/4 in. dia rod could be handy for some serrated knives. Diamond is rougher than the Kershaw, and I did not even want to put my knife on it.

For plain blade maintenance, the Kershaw
For bread knives, 4 - 5 serrations/inch, the Gerber
For all other serrations - the Buck
For general sharpening, none of the above.

Also, I want to know who ever uses the fishhook sharpening groove?  When can't you just buy a new hook?  I could see sharpening a tuna hook, but not the bass and trout stuff we use here. 

Updated January 22, 2008

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