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USA sharpeners who train, arranged roughly East to West

Edgewise Kitchen

Daniel Casbarro
Hamden CT 




Other: Trained at Wolff in SC and Nice and Sharp in NJ.

Sharp Edges

Has a new knife sharpening machine and offers training on it.

Nice and Sharp

Offers 3 types of classes:

  1. Knife Sharpening for personal use
  2. Knife and scissors sharpening
  3. Professional Sharpening

Classes range from 3 hours to 2 days. Along with various sharpening stones, specialized jigs and guide rod sharpening system, equipment includes Tormek wet wheel grinder, Twice as Sharp scissors sharpener, paper wheels and belt sander.

Specializing in kitchen knives, hunting knives, woodworking hand tools and household and fabric scissors.

All students receive a complete course manual.

Cutting Edge Sharpening

Equipment: One to one training on Tormek, paper wheels, belt sanders, Chef's Choice home and commercial knife sharpeners, Spyderco SharpMaker. Specializing in kitchen knives using the Tormek and paper wheels; hand & garden tools, household scissors, and dressmaking/pinking shears using the Viel belt sander; and chain saw blades using the Foley-Belsaw Saw Chain grinder.

My Sharpener

Bryan will teach the Tormek T-7, PRO-TAS, and Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker. No hair/barber item sharpening available, just knives, scissors, garden tools. You'll find details available at their website


Specialties: Knives, scissors, shears, tools.

I do not do circular saw blades or clipper blades. I am mostly mobile, but do have a small shop in my basement.

SaucyJoe's Sharpening Co.

Equipment: Belt grinder, Nebraska Blades Clipper blade sharpener

Specialties: I can provide training for knife, tool and scissor sharpening, (styling, barber, grooming, sewing, pinking, garden tools, etc.), as well as, clipper blades, (Nebraska Blades).

I work farmer's markets in the San Francisco Bay area Wed. through Sun. I provide 5 to 7 days of intense training showing people how I sharpen knives and scissors using a sanding belt method. People are trained on a one on one basis, as my assistant and protege for the week. People are trained in a fully working environment.

They will be able to quickly evaluate what may be necessary to restore a tool and what it will take to get it back to working order.

Other: Pricing is assessed on an individual basis, once it is determined what the customer needs, a customer will make a minimum investment of $3,000.


Along with the two weeks of comprehensive sharpening training and on-the-job-experience, Sharp-Quick U. will provide you with:
  • A brand new set of the best sharpening hardware on the market.
  • A list of ancillary tools, supplies, and equipment that will help you start your business.
  • Sample marketing materials you can use immediately to promote your business.
  • Sharp-Quick can even show you how to go solar powered
  • We will also help you strategize methods for building and sustaining your business so you can outflank competitors in your area, including researching customers in your area.
  • Finally, Sharp-Quick will be available for three months after training to answer sharpening as well as business related questions.

Bronk's Knifeworks

Specializing in sharpening with abrasive belt grinders and offer instruction with hand sharpening using bench stones, the EdgePro and the EZSharp BladeSharpener. Currently developing a belt knife and scissor sharpening system for professionals.

Seattle Edge

Want to learn how to sharpen knives free hand? I can teach you! I offer two sharpening classes:

  • The standard class (approximately 1.5 hours) and the intensive class (approximately 4.5 hours).
  • The intensive course is not only longer and more detailed than the standard course, but I will show you how to sharpen different knife styles.
  • The intensive course is tailored to the specific needs of the student.
  • If the student would rather focus on one style of knife for the entire class they are more than welcome to do so and will be instructed accordingly.

I teach small classes to ensure that each student learns as much as possible during the course.

I can show you how to sharpen almost any knife; from Western and Japanese kitchen knives, to outdoor and bushcraft knives.

After attending one of my classes you will have a strong understanding of knife sharpening and the different techniques one can use to sharpen almost any knife. Participants receive a 15% discount on all sharpening supplies.

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Finally, a sharpening school in the UK

Sharp Knives UK

  • Robin Bailey
  • Bath, England
  • Mobile: 0791 900 6766
  • Tel: 01761 470 149

You do not need any previous experience as we will teach you everything! The UK’s biggest sharpening training school. For knives we use a Tormek T8, paper wheels and buffers. For scissors we use Wolff Industries Ookami Gold, TAS and Hira-To. For clipper blades we use Nebraska Blades ‘Big Red’ The course is 2 days, starting at 10:00 and finishing at @ 15:00 in the purpose built training workshop. Day one is all about knife sharpening and repair, day two we will cover clipper honing, scissor servicing / sharpening and we will also cover anything else you want to learn to sharpen. Lunch is provided each day. We supply all the tools, safety equipment and machinery whilst on the course

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Scissors, Salon Shears, and Clipper Blades

Scissors and Salon Shears

Salon Shears

Clipper Blades

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Disclaimer: I am not personally acquainted with the work of all the above sharpeners and so this list should be considered as suggestions and not endorsements. - Steve B.