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On May 31 and June 1, 2003 I showed my sharpener collection at the WRCA Knife EXPO in Dover, OH. There were 71 sharpeners on the table! There was not room for the EdgePro or the AMT waterstone system, and I did not show any benchstones or other freehand tools, nor any woodworking sharpeners.

The oldest were a 1900 scissor sharpener and a 1920s Kent sharpener. Five sharpeners were from here in Ohio - Blankner, EdgeMaker, Klawhorn, Loray and SpeeD-Edge. The Blankner is from about 1930, the Lorays (manual and electric) are from the 1970s, while the Klawhorn, Spee-D-Edge and EdgeMaker sharpeners are being made today.

BTW, if you are ever in mid-Ohio Amish country, do not miss the Warther Museum in Dover, OH. Ernest Warther was an amazing carver, and most of his wood and ivory creations are still owned by the family and shown in the museum. The tour includes the Warther knife factory, one of the best organized knife shops you will find anywhere.


Arkansas stones
India (AlOx) bench stones
Crystalon (SiC) bench stone
Chef's Choice 400 diamond files
DMT diamond hone
Eze-Lap diamond hones
Japanese waterstones
silicon carbide sandpaper on glass (Scary Sharp)
various slip stones
Butz strop with chromium oxide compound
Warthog diamond hone

Guides and doo-dads

Buck HoneMaster
DMT Aligner
EdgePro Apex
GATCO standard system
GATCO diamond hone system
Lansky standard system
Lansky diamond hone system
Razor Edge system
Spyderco 403 Tri-Angle Sharpmaker ceramic rods w/ diamond sleeves
Spyderco 404 Tri-Angle Sharpmaker ceramic rods
Spyderco Fold-a-Vee folding ceramic rod set
small unknown guide
WARTHOG V-Sharp (modern version of the Blankner)
WARTHOG Hunter and Diamond (2 models, similar to the Skarb)

Slot Devices

Byers SuperSharpener #1
EZ Sharp
Klawhorn pen-shaped sharpener
Klawhorn flat sharpener

FireStone SharpPocket 1300
FireStone SharpPocket 1302
Henckel TwinSharp
Normark filet knife sharpener

Meyerco Sharpen-it

Chef'sChoice Model 450
Chef'sChoice Model 460

Edgemaker (4 models)

Power sharpening machines

AMT waterstone system
Chef'sChoice Model 110 electric sharpener
Chef'sChoice Model 120 electric sharpener
Chef'sChoice Model 320 electric sharpener
F. Dick SM-111 FireStone Electric Diamond Sharpener
Grinding wheels - alumina and regular
 Master Grade 12V electric sharpener
Norton composite grinding wheel
Razor Sharp paper wheel system
Charlie's paper wheel system
no-name paper wheel system
ProCut 2"x72" knifemakers belt grinder
Sears/Wen wet wheel machine
Tormek 10" wet wheel machine


Veritas grinding guide
Veritas chisel/plane sharpening guide
Stanley chisel/plane sharpening guide
chisel/plane sharpening guide


Razor Edge Raz-R-Steel
Chicago Cutlery ceramic "steel"
Conventional butcher's steel
Spyderco Mini crock sticks
Zanger Zip-Zaps (small ceramic rods w/handles)
Lansky serrated blade hone (rod and freehand)
GATCO serrated blade hone (rod and freehand)
Lansky serrated blade hone for Cold Steel (freehand)
Lansky serrated blade hone for Spyderco (freehand)
Lansky Puck

Antique sharpeners

Blankner's Knife Sharpener - Cleveland, OH 1930s
Mini or home model Blankner
Ohio King razor hone
Kriss Kross single edge razor blade sharpener
Twinplex double edge razor blade sharpener
Queer Creek natural American waterstones
Loray (predecessor to the Lansky)
Selectool Master Sharpener
unknown slot device, looks like an early Selectool
Cutco ROBO (50s)
Cutco pull through (1960)
Eskimo electric sharpener
Oster electric sharpener
Aqua-Hone water powered knife sharpener

Updated Sept. 24, 2007

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