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Twice As Sharp for bevel scissors and Hira-to Flat Hone for Salon Shears



Sharpens Fabric, Industrial and Household Scissors and Shears Quickly and Easily.
Comes with Training Video and Manual.
Sharpens 20 - 30 pairs of scissors per hour, no need to disassemble.
PERFECT for Professional & Mobile Sharpeners!

Makes Scissors Sharper then New!
Sharpens scissors and shears up to 14" without re-clamping.
Clamping System Adjusts from 0 to 55 Degrees.
Powerful 1/4 HP Motor can be Wired for 220 Volt Use.
Sharpens pinking shears and curved blades.
Polished knife edge reduces cutting pressure which helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and decreases fatigue
Honing Wheel Makes Scissors 2 to 6 Times Sharper Than New!

PRO-TAS $449.50 including shipping in the continental USA

We supply the PRO-TAS with the optional ERGO handle clamp at no extra charge.

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$10 additional shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, please click here

If you want to sharpen industrial and household scissors I recommend the PRO-TAS. The PRO model can be upgraded to sharpen rotary blades. 

Many pros use the TAS for industrial and household scissors and use a flat hone like the one below for salon shears.



For Sharpening Japanese style Convex Salon Shears

Everyone who has purchased the Hira-To flat hone is raving about it!
The new patented ball bearing convexing fixture designed by Roger Kaye of Rapid Edge fame makes convexing quick-and-easy.
It is the closest thing to free-hand sharpening but with an element of control that free-handing just cannot match.  

Other Features:

Supplied with PSA abrasives unless otherwise specified
Also available with Hook & Loop abrasives
Made in the USA by Wolff Industries, Inc.
Forward, stop, and reverse switching
12 V DC quick connect LED lamp
Engraved angle setting from 25 to 65 degrees
Sharpens both right and left hand shears
The multi-speed motor runs from 100-2500 rpm.
The weight is only 15 lbs.

List Price $3082.75  Our price after discount $2,775.00, shipping included.


$10 additional shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, please click here  

Wolff approved trainers include

Bobby Huffman in Missouri.
Debbie Finck in Oregon.
Andrew Beard in Georgia.
George Harris in Virginia.

I also also recommend training at the Wolff factory in Spartanburg, SC.  

E-mail me for further information on the Hira-To or Twice As Sharp Sharpening systems

steve at bottorff dot com

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