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Sharpening Made Easy - Knife Sharpening Information and Equipment

Sharpness Test Equipment

SharpCheck Sharpness testers and SharpPad are designed and made by
Edge On Up

Visit their website for more technical information but come back here to purchase.
Our prices are lower since we do not have to pay commissions to Amazon.


SHARP CHECK PT20B Professional model, 5 gram resolution

PT50B $159.00   View Cart

Sharp Pad

SHARP PAD for deburring and stropping

Sale Price $44.00

sp price

 test media


Replacement two pack test media

TM02 is a two-pack of BESS certified test media. The combined canisters will yield 200+ measurement. That's about a penny and a half per measurement.

BESS certified co-polymer test media was engineered for resistance to both temperature and humidity and manufactured to strict uniformity standards. Additionally, it is embedded with a special graphite carbon compound that reduces stretch and promotes a more dramatic shear effect. BESS certified test media must be used when reporting test results that reference the BESS scale.

TM02 Test Media $14.95

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