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Knife Sharpening School Video

At last you can experience Knife Sharpening School without traveling across the country.
Also includes Scissor and Garden Tool Sharpening.

DVD cover

Start a new career in Knife Sharpening with our Sharpening School in a Box. 

Learn low-cost methods that produce professional results. Our professionally filmed video gives you the next best thing to attending our sharpening school without the travel and hotel expenses. The video covers all the theory and practice of sharpening, with the fine points clarified by close up shots.

Underlined links below show some chapter previews.

Topics include:


Sharpening Theory


Belt Sander

Tormek Wet Grinder

Paper Wheels

Spyderco SharpMaker

Combining or Hybridizing Equipment


Sharpening on the Tormek

Using Tormek Jigs

Sharpening on Paper Wheels

Sharpening on the F. Dick RS-150


Knives with Inside Curves

Serrated Knives

Sharpness Testing

Repairs – Knife Tips

Repairs – Blade Shape


Scissors – Introduction

Scissors – On the Tormek

Scissors on the Twice As Sharp

Finishing Scissors

and finally

Garden Tools

In addition, a set of school documents is provided with notes that cover all the little things I would point out in school. These 15 pages cover Equipment, Suppliers, Newsletters, Forums and other sources of information, sample handouts and price lists, and knife defect correction. There is also information on scissor and garden tool sharpening that is not in any book. We explain how to sharpen pinking shears and re-serrate a worn bread knife.

We also include a copy of our book Sharpening Made Easy and our the 53 page booklet How to Start a Knife Sharpening Business.

Since our sales website is closed, we no longer offer equipment discounts with this purchase


Sharpening School in a Box

SME Sharpening School Video on DVD

School documents and business booklet on CD

Sharpening Made Easy Book


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