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Sharpening Made Easy

Knife Sharpening Information and Equipment




SVM-00 Small Knife Jig
(Used with the SVM-45 Knife Jig)

Read about it.
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The Tormek DBS-22 Drill Bit Attachment will sharpen your twist drill bits to a precise 4 facet profile that cuts faster with less force and lasts longer than a new drill bit. The optimal point and clearance angles can be set for each drill bit.

Angles can be set at any angle between 90° and 150°.  The clearance angle can be set  to 7°, 9°, 11°or 14°.  The DBS-22 sharpens drills from 3 mm (1/8") to 22 mm (7/8") with no change of chucks. Click photo for larger image.
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BGM-100 Dry Grinding Jig
The Bench Grinder Mounting Set BGM-100 includes all the hardware you need to use the patented Tormek woodturning jigs on a bench grinder.
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Tormek SE-77
NEW Square Edge Jig, SE-77
SE-77 is a further development of the SE-76 jig. It has been provided with an adjustable side which lets you fine tune the setting for a perfect 90° square corner or set the jig for a slightly convex shape.
For plane irons and wood chisels. Max tool width 3" (76mm). Max tool thickness 3/8" (9mm). Safety stops prevent the tool from slipping off the stone.
This improved square edge jig is shipped with the T-8 and is a recommended addition to older models
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SVH-320 Planer/Jointer Blade Jig, SVH-320
For HSS blades of any length. Min. width 13 mm (1/2"). Also for mitre guillotine blades.
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Tormek SVP-80 Moulding Knife Jig, SVP-80
Sharpens all makes and shapes of profile knives with 24, 30 or 38 mm distance between guide hole centers. Not suitable for knives without guide holes. Also for profiled paint removal blades.
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Tormek SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Tool Jig, SVD-186
For fingernail shaped turning gouges. Carving gouges and V tools. Max. width 25 mm (1").
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Tormek SVS-32 Short Tool Jig, SVS-38
For straight shanked carving gouges and V tools down to 45 mm (1 3/4") length. Short wood chisels and tools for power carvers. Max. tool width 32 mm (1 1/4").
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Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig, SVS-50
For turning skew chisels, parting and beading tools and roughing gouges. Straight carving gouges, up to 50 mm (1"-2"). Short wood chisels.
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Tormek SVD-110 Tool Rest with TORLOCK, SVD-110
For turning scrapers, carving scorps and in-shaves. Also for re-truing screwdrivers and cabinet scrapers.
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Tormek SVA-170 Axe Jig, SVA-170
For carving and carpenter's axes. Max. axe size 170 mm (6 1/2").
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Tormek SVM-45 Knife Jig, SVM-45
For most knives. Min. blade length 60 mm (2 3/8"). Also for carvers draw knives.
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Tormek SVM-140 Extra-Long Knife Jig, SVM-140
For long and thin knives. Stabilizes a thin blade. Min. blade length 160 mm (6 3/8"). Especially for long filet knives.
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Tormek SVX-150 Scissors Jig, SVX-150
For all sizes of scissors. Also for shears.
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Multi Base TOR-MB100 Multi Base for side of wheel (flat) grinding $79.00

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May 18, 2020

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