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I use my knives more than any other tool in the kitchen. I'm not married to a particular brand; they all work because they are all sharp.
Bobby Flay

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Website Contents

    Stones, Guides and Rod-Guided Systems; Recommended Books on Knife Sharpening

  • Chapter 2 - KNIFE SHARPENING EQUIPMENT continued;
    Crock Sticks. Slot Gadgets, Electric Sharpening Machines

    Common Mistakes, Conventional and Multi-bevel Methods, Honing, Using Oil or Water

  • Chapter 4 - ADVANCED STUFF - Knife Steels, Knife Sharpening Theory, Stropping,
    Using Steels, Electric Machines, Sharpening Ceramic Knives
    Tables: Mohs Hardness Scale, Abrasive Grit Comparison, Suppliers

  • Chapter 5 - MISCELLANEOUS STUFF - Knife Sharpening Methods, Professional Knife
    Sharpening machines, Miscellaneous Sharpening Information

     Chapters 1, 2 and 3 were printed in the June and July 1999 issues of Knife World as A PRIMER ON KNIFE SHARPENING.

     For Links to Over 100 More Pages of Knife Sharpening Information, click Links.

Quotes about Sharpening Made Easy

    Sharpening Made Easy by Steve Bottorff. Steve has tried just about every knife sharpening system available. This slim book is a good starting point if you're just getting into knife sharpening. Give it as a gift ... to the sharpening-challenged.  Chad Ward, eGullet

"RAZOR EDGE BOOK OF SHARPENING"  Why should we carry this title, when we already sell the world's greatest knife sharpening book "SHARPENING MADE EASY"? I wondered the same thing, so after a good many years, we are finally going to drop the old book.  If you have other books on knife sharpening, or if you don't but have never been happy with your efforts, may we suggest Steve Bottorff's $9.95 masterpiece SHARPENING MADE EASY. It's a gem! Mark D. Zalesky, Editor, KNIFE WORLD

Updated March 3, 2016

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